Collect Data with Arduino

If you want to get data from a sensor, so you can use it for statistic analysis later on, an Arduino is the easiest way to hook the sensor up to your computer.

By Jasper de Kruiff, Karin Niemantsverdriet, Vincent van Rheden, Willem Willemsen.

The first step is getting the sensor connected to the Arduino. Below you see a schematic of this connection.

Upload the (Processing) code onto the Arduino to make the measurements automatically. The program you can see below measures every 100 miliseconds, and prints the value onto the screen. You can run the program for as long as you like, depending on the amount of data you need.
You can copy – paste the row of values into Excel to export the data for Illmo. If you want, you can get a first quick impression of the data by creating a line graph.

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