Instruction Videos

The instruction videos on this page illustrate material that is described in more detail in the book “Insights in Experimental Data – Interactive Statistics with the ILLMO program” (see download page). The videos are therefore related to the different chapters in this book. For a quick impression of basic functionality, view the videos with an (*) behind them.

Chapter 1 – Histograms

Input a single histogram by specifying counts

Loading two histograms from a text file (*)

Constructing histograms from individual measurements

Loading matrices with scaled attributes

Loading matrices with pairwise comparisons

Chapter 2 – Distributions

Fitting distributions to histograms (*)

Example of a perfect agreement between histogram and distribution

Chapter 3 – Statistical Inference

Constructing confidence intervals for distribution parameters

Comparing distributions (and their parameters) in two experimental conditions (*)

Single versus repeated measures analysis of experimental data in two conditions

Non-parametric statistical analyses using empirical likelihood

Chapter 4 – Multi-Model Comparison

Comparing alternative models for a set of observed histograms (*)

Data transformations can help to improve the fit between (parametric) distributions and histograms

Chapter 5 – Regression

Simple regression (single independent variable)

Multiple regression (two or more independent variables)

Confounding variables (ANCOVA and multi-level modeling)

Independent factorial analysis

Repeated-measures factorial analysis

Chapter 6 – Grouped Measurements

Across versus within subject analysis (one-dimensional patterns)

Multiple regression and multi-dimensional scaling (multi-dimensional patterns)

Cluster analysis in order to identify clusters of attributes

Cluster analysis in order to understand a design space (attributes and conditions)

Multi-level modeling