Downloading ILLMO

Version 1.0 of ILLMO has been released in September 2016, after extensive testing and use of the program in courses at the TU Eindhoven. For the time being, the program has an expiration date (my birthday 26/11) but will be updated regularly on this site. In order to realize further improvements, users can send a message to the author to report problems.

Users of Windows should download the ZIP file and install it anywhere on their computer; all the supporting libraries are included in this sub-directory, so that the program illmo1.x.exe should be able to find them.

Users of Mac OSX should download and unpack the file illmo1.x.dmg which contains the application that has all supporting libraries incorporated in it.

The ILLMO program was developed using Qt.

The book Insights in Experimental Data – Interactive Statistics with the ILLMO Program, by Jean-Bernard Martens, which is also the user manual for the ILLMO program, is NOW AVAILABLE as an iBook.The preface to the book is also included in the distribution directory.


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